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Choco Moose Review

  Choco Moose   Choco Moose is an app by x25entertainment. This is attractive app by Spanish video game developers.   Simple attractive game which kids gonna enjoy a lot even you. In this sweet app you have to help them to eat choco moose. Sounds simple !! Not so easy  as your path will be blocked by water. You need to move your fingers fast for Tap right to walk and  Tap left to ju...[Read More]

Sports Follower Review

  Sports Follower – Live Scores, News, Videos, and Latest Social Media   Sports Follower – Live Scores, News, Videos, and Latest Social Media is an app by Travelmooch, Inc. An amazing app which shows you score, videos and news about your favorite sports team. You Just need to download sports follower and you will be able to view all relevant, engaging tweets on hundreds of te...[Read More]

Rebtel – Cheap International Voice Calls Review

Rebtel – Cheap International Voice Calls   Rebtel – Cheap International Voice Calls is By Rebtel Services S.a.r.l. Rebtel is an international calling app which allows users to contact anyone, all over the world. Rebtel internet-free technology enables calls to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing. Rebtel allows for unlimited, free app-to-app calling without the need for ...[Read More]

Flyover Country Review

Flyover Country   Flyover Country  is by Shane Loeffler. This is amazing app trust me I love the simplicity and idea of app itself. It will work on flight mode even or offline mode. Flyover Country is an app that uses maps and data collected from databases that will provide us with information about the landscape that we fly over on a plane journey. It uses data from geological information on...[Read More]

Pik Pak Poe – Game Review

  Pik Pak Poe is a board game app by Shoaib Ahmed Shakir who is the Co-founder of SA Apps. This is awesome simple Pik Pak Poe which we used to play on papers or notebooks during the free time in our school and at home in childhood and now play on our smart phones and tablets. This is the perfect game which makes your psyche to work appropriately when you are tired or getting bored otherwise y...[Read More]

Moto Racer 3D Review

Moto Racer 3D Review Our Rating : [yasr_overall_rating] Moto Racer 3D is by Null app. And this is ultimate motor bike simulating app This app let you select bike one is free and other 4 bikes are paid. You have to select from one way or 2 way and you have to drive bike. This app is simple and very addictive and fun game. This app is suitable for all ages and kids gonna like it lot. Whosoever love ...[Read More]

Uncle Bobba – Target practice Review

Uncle Bobba – Target practice Review   Our Rating : [yasr_overall_rating] Uncle Bobba – Target practice is by Quadom games. This is mini practice game for Get off my Lawn – With Uncle Bobba of Quadom.  This game is colorful and give you many experiences at same time. Just need to shoot the popping boards and earning coin. This is simple and quite attractive game. Even kids g...[Read More]

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