¡Hablemos! Review

¡Hablemos! Review





¡Hablemos! is by horizon properties. This is remarkable app to learn Spanish language.

Hablemos means lets talk in Spanish. This app let you learn Spanish language and while learning new language we need to expertise in vocabulary, pronunciation and basic conversation skills.  In this case ¡Hablemos! becomes a valuable tool.  I recommend this app to all viewers love learning new language and accurately.

User Interface of the app is extremely simple


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¡Hablemos! was designed to be a key step in your language learning process. Those who have completed language training courses often have a good feel for vocabulary and pronunciation. The stumbling block that they typically encounter is in implementing that knowledge into an actual interactive conversation.

¡Hablemos! addresses that by giving you a database of 1,100 common sentences that can be rapidly searched. Of course, you can also add sentences to the database to accomodate your own individual needs.

The ¡Hablemos! app will add spice to your Spanish conversations! You can use it to:

- quickly look up the sentence structure that you’ll need for effective conversations

- add your own translations to your database to customize ¡Hablemos! to your needs

-choose ‘Flashcard’ mode to randomly test yourself on the contents of your translation database

Release Notes:

Performance enhancements.
App Store

App Details:

  • Version 1.50
  • Created & Sold by Horizon Properties
  • Released on April 20, 2016
  • Price: Free!
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Education & Travel

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