Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures Reviews

  Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures   Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures is an app by BebopBee, Inc. This is familiar shooter and simulation game. The game is completely in 3-D and the four environments are rich and packed with enough detail to immerse you in the prehistoric world. This is Brightly color App with realistic shadows, so its eye-catching app over all. I...[Read More]

Deus Ex GO Review

  Deus Ex GO   Deus Ex Go is an app by SQUARE ENIX INC. And Deus Ex go is completely strategically puzzle game. Main Character in game, Adam Jensen, will be sporting his gentlemanly black trench coat and sunglasses, while moving easily on each level. There is an abundance of his enemies including guards, turrets, and more, have their own unique appearances, movements, and abilities that ...[Read More]

Hacked by Turkhackteam | Göktürk Operation |

To The Throne review

  To The Throne is by Raredrop Games Ltd is a retro-inspired minimalist puzzle game that is full of royal challenges. Visuals in To The Throne are completely choice and amusing. There are also different designs in the background that represent the areas that you’ll be going through as you help guide a young king to his true throne. At the moment, there are 52 stages spread out across six diff...[Read More]

Albert & Otto Review

Albert & Otto   Albert & Otto is by Mokuni LLC is an attractive haunting puzzle game. Albert & Otto falls in line with the black-and-white silhouette style of LIMBO and other similar games. However, unlike LIMBO, Albert & Otto has much sharper graphics, since it isn’t a “dreamscape” environment that you’re in. In fact, the game carries a somewhat minimalistic design, as everyt...[Read More]


  MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY (Free) by SQUARE ENIX INC is the latest free-to-play Final Fantasy title from the company, with the other recent one being Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. If you want more Fantasy in your life, then Mobius is a decent addition for your collection. Mobius goes with the modern, 3-D graphics that the Final Fantasy games are known for these days. The game features elegant anima...[Read More]

Guild of Dungeoneering Review

Guild of Dungeoneering   Guild of Dungeoneering is By Gambrinous. This is build your own guild of adventurers and then engineer their progress through dungeons in this quirky and lovable roguelike dungeon-crawler. In Guild of Dungeoneering, you willingly volunteer make a prestigious office for the area’s finest swashbucklers subsequent to being expelled from the Ivory League of Explorer...[Read More]

Hacked By GeNErAL

~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~ Hacked By GeNErAL   Greetz : Kuroi’SH, RxR, K3L0T3X \!/Just for Fun ~Hacked By GeNErAL\!/ Hacked By GeNErAL! !

MirriM. Review

  MirriM.   Mirrim. is gaming app by Jubin Antony Joseph. This gaming app sounds interesting and very interesting concept. In MirriM App you have to reach the goal your way would be blocked by small and black blocks. sounds simple!!! it is but not that as you have to reach the goal doing exactly opposite of picture as it is mirror effect game. Your action would be just opposite to the ac...[Read More]

¡Hablemos! Review

    ¡Hablemos!   ¡Hablemos! is by horizon properties. This is remarkable app to learn Spanish language. Hablemos means lets talk in Spanish. This app let you learn Spanish language and while learning new language we need to expertise in vocabulary, pronunciation and basic conversation skills.  In this case ¡Hablemos! becomes a valuable tool.  I recommend this app to all viewers love...[Read More]

Choco Moose Review

  Choco Moose   Choco Moose is an app by x25entertainment. This is attractive app by Spanish video game developers.   Simple attractive game which kids gonna enjoy a lot even you. In this sweet app you have to help them to eat choco moose. Sounds simple !! Not so easy  as your path will be blocked by water. You need to move your fingers fast for Tap right to walk and  Tap left to ju...[Read More]

Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information Review

  Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information     Battery Analyzer – Battery-Health and Information is by Harry Bachmann. This is wonderful app to analyze your iOS device battery life. Wonderful app to tells you exactly how long your iPhone will last for each specific action. It will tell you how long your battery will last when listening to music, how long until t...[Read More]

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