Importance of App Reviews and Ratings

Importance of App Reviews and Ratings   App reviews play vital role in overall performance of your app. Review help users to decide whether they download app or not. It has more value in terms of Apps Store Optimization. Especially since the latest change in app store algorithm aiming at “humanizing”. Ratings and reviews play very important role in any app install decision. People...[Read More]

Writing Mobile App Description

Writing Mobile App description In Apps store optimization we always feel that App description play important role in making your app searchable and good. One must have good app description to have your app in top charts. This is the Window of any app user will read it and will decide whether he wants it or not. Writing effective and good description might help your app to stand out from others. &n...[Read More]

Marketing Tips I learnt from Delhi Elections

Marketing Tips I learnt from Delhi Elections Watching 2014 Lok sabha elections and Now Delhi Elections give me vast knowledge of marketing.   Just Like AAP me too in start up phase and have no funds to sustain myself in App World. But AAP marketing tricks really teach me (not only me but crores of people) that If you are determined you can achieve the success. India has biggest democratic country....[Read More]

Online Advertising and its Impact

Online Advertising and its Impact   Online Advertising is one of best marketing technique which involves internet users to achieve web traffic and main purpose is to covey the marketing message to maximum people.   In last few years when this whole world start connecting through online the concept of online advertising start breeding. Within just few years online advertising become milli...[Read More]

Monetization Strategy

  Just before five years back I haven’t heard about Mobile application and it as my business I never thought of…. But in just five years Its most talked about business. The applications or app industry has more than its fair share of specials. Poised to double its global revenues by the end of this year to $26 billion and attract 102 billion downloads annually as per Gartner, this indust...[Read More]

Mobile app marketing Strategy

Mobile app marketing Strategy Around Million of apps are there in market and making your app discoverable is something which is not easy any developer. Building great app may not be sufficient for you till you don’t do its marketing properly. To create renewable app one must plan proper marketing strategy to reach out your customers. Your main objective should be to reach end users so you need to ...[Read More]

Are Reskinning Apps Dying slow death

Are Reskinning Apps Dying slow death How many of you are in reskin business. Their are plenty of people I know who are into Reskinning App business. Just few days back I read article by Sir Gabriel Machuret An Apps store optimization (ASO) GURU, Yes I am saying him Sir , As I learn and really inspired lot from him. He hardly knew me I had words with him on social media and just fall in love with h...[Read More]

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